Zero Waste Living



It seems to be a relatively recent buzzword, alongside Marie Condo sparking joy, and getting rid of all your belongings and turning into a minimalist. But the idea of being thrifty and reducing waste has been around for a very, very long time. Our grandparents were doing it, through war times and during depressions, throughout history making do with what you have was a necessity of life, however in the past 50 years with the industrial revolution, invention of plastic, and fast paced world run by consumerism, waste is piling up. 

Zero waste or living sustainably, is an ethos that many are living by, where instead of letting the latest trends, fast fashion, and money dictate how you live, instead you live with intention to have a smaller footprint on the planet. And here in New Zealand, we are pretty damn good at that. the media is making zero waste seem trendy and high class, however we believe that producing less waste and looking after our planet should beb accessible for everyone, regardless of income, ability, education or skin colour. 

In short, zero waste is about living simply, choosing waste free options and going back to basics. Heres some things you can do:

  • Ask for no straw when going out for drinks
  • Taking your own re-usable shopping bags for groceries
  • Sit down for a have-here coffee or BYO re-usable coffee cup
  • Join your local buy nothing group on FB
  • BYO re-usable produce bags instead of plastic ones
  • Find a community compost bin, or start your own
  • Join in on 'Meat free Monday' and try some beans or legumes instead
  • Use bar soap or refill your bathroom products
  • Swap paper towels for rags in the kitchen