Pacific Harvest: Chilli Kelp Seasoning Bulk per 10g

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Pacific Harvest Chilli Kelp seasoning is great to add warmth & pzazz to a dish while increasing your iodine intake naturally!
  • Especially tasty with root vegetables & beef
  • Kelp is classified as a Brown Algae
  • Pacific Harvest prepares a range of exquisite kelp condiments designed to enhance both wellbeing and cooking experience
  • Very little salt (if any) is required when using them
  • The mineral concentration is such that Kelp tastes salty naturally, with a lot less sodium than salt
  • In Chilli Kelp Seasoning, kelp granules (71%) are mixed with chillies and other spices to make a warm and nutritious condiment
  • Because of its leathery texture, Kelp does very well prepared as a seasoning
  • The grind is small enough to become tender when exposed to moisture from other food ingredients
Pacific Harvest Kelp is wild-harvested sustainably from designated coastal areas in New Zealand and tested for contaminants.
  • Easy way to get kelp into your diet
  • Great flavour
  • Best source of iodine in nature

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