Hevea: Pacificer / Dummy - Cantaloupe – Anatomical (Pink)

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The HEVEA pacifier in Cantaloupe, a natural pop of colour inspired by the perfectly ripe and juicy fruit itself. Coloured with 100% natural food grade mineral pigments that are non-toxic and approved by the FDA.

When you order a HEVEA colourful pacifier you can rest assured that it is made out of 100% natural rubber, completely free of plastic, BPA and Phthlates. The HEVEA pacifier is compostable and non-toxic.

The orthodontic teat is paired with the brand unique playful duck ventilation holes that are not only adorable and easily recognizable as HEVEA, but serve the purpose of preventing suctioning around your baby’s mouth.

WARNING:  Do not tie the pacifier around baby’s neck as it presents a strangulation hazard.

The pacifier is covered in a fine layer of vegetable oil when you receive it.  This is to protect the rubber from drying out.  Before using for the first time it should be washed, then sterilised using either a sterilising solution or by boiling in water for 5 minutes.  Let it cool down and empty out any water inside the teat before using.  The design allow liquid to flow into the teat when cleaning. It should not be cleaned using a dishwasher or microwave.

Always clean the pacifier before use and check that the nipple (mouthpiece) is undamaged.  When not in use, it should be stored in a closed, clean and dry container, out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources.

Do not dip the teat into sweet products or into medicine as this can contribute to tooth decay.

For both safety and hygiene reasons, the pacifier should be discarded after a maximum of two months use.

Complies with the EU safety standard EN1400, US regulations, CPSIA, and AS/NZ ISO 8124.


  • Do not attach pins, ribbons or string to any part of the pacifier as these can be dangerous
  • Do not pull the pacifier apart.
  • Do not tie the pacifier to baby’s clothing as this could risk choking the child.
  • If the pacifier goes into the child’s mouth, you should take it out gently. It is constructed so that it cannot be swallowed by the child, so do not panic, but take the pacifier out of the child’s mouth calmly and as gently as possible.
  • Check daily that the pacifier is in good condition. This is done by pulling on the various parts of the soother and checking that it is still in good condition. If there are splits or changes in the soother, it should be discarded.

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