Hevea Bay Glass Bottle 240ml Medium Flow 3 - 24month (2 Pack)

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The Hevea Baby Bottle is made from the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. It comes with a natural rubber nipple, screw thread, and cap.  The natural rubber nipple is size 3+ months (milk & water).  Additional natural rubber nipples in different sizes can be bought separately in packs of two.

Size 240mL.

The Hevea baby bottle has many benefits:

  • 100% borosilicate glass bottle + 100% natural nipple are BPA-free, phthalate-free & PVC free
  • does not leach toxic chemicals
  • Highly hygienic, due to the smooth and non-porous surface
  • heat resistant, dishwasher safe (place cap parts on top rack and can be boiled or steam sterilized ( please remove the natural rubber cover when cleaning)
  • Taste and odour free, no substances can get into the food/ liquid
  • The natural rubber nipple is softer than silicone and very resistant to teething/bites
  • The screw caps are produced from non toxic and eco friendly pp
  • A pretty FSC packaging makes this the ideal baby shower gift

Kind reminder: While very durable, the glass bottle is still glass and is not unbreakable


Hevea products are made from natural rubber. Very few children are allergic to natural rubber, however watch out for any allergic reactions and stop using the product if an allergic reaction occurs. The latex content in Hevea products is very low and no allergic reactions to Hevea products have been reported to date, however there is the potential for an allergic reaction to occur. If your child has had a previous reaction to rubber products or there is a known family history of latex allergy, we would advise not using Hevea products.